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Aerocene is...

A stateless state,
both tethered and free floating;
a name for change,
and an era to live and breathe in.

Aerocene is an interdisciplinary artistic community that seeks to devise 
new modes of ecological sensitivity, reactivating a common imaginary
towards an ethical collaboration with the atmosphere and the environment:
free from borders, free from fossil fuels.


collect, reuse and fly Museo Aero Solar with plastic bags

Aerocene emerged through Museo Aero Solar in 2007, a community practice forming through cooperation and the simple acts of reusing plastic bags. A flying museum, an aerosolar sculpture, for and of collaborative endeavours, Museo Aero Solar continues to float around the Planet.

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The Aerocene community works as a displaced but connected endeavour, with individuals and collectives developing research and applications that foster a new ecology of practices driven by a Do-it-Together (DIT) spirit. As an ongoing practice for the assembling of spaces in which current atmospheres of toxicity come to matter, each contributed workshop, think tank, shared words or actions to Aerocene’s growing social body give rise to new perspectives of ethical, environmental, political and social dimensions.


Today more than ever, new ways of decolonising the air from its temperature, emissions and particulates are needed. Aerocene articulates the environmental and social importance of our relationship with the air. Through open source community initiatives, education and training, access to research findings and local economy contribution, Aerocene signifies a name for change: an era to live and breathe in. With each step in this project, we strengthen a multiplicitous movement of care and co-creation, towards an Aero(s)cenic vision of geos, bios and cosmos relation.


Fuelled only with the air, lifted only by the sun,
carried along the rivers of the wind,
Aerocene’s activities manifest in the testing and circulation
of aerosolar sculptures that become buoyant
only by the heat of the Sun
and infrared radiation from the surface of Earth.


In this aerocenic 21st century, in which ancestral, feminist and ecological struggles must be our greatest sources of inspiration, we will have to redefine and think about a horizon of just transitions, which point to an alternative system of social relations and links with nature.


For the first time in human history, humans flew free into the air.

On the 25th of January 2020, ‘Aerocene Pacha’ a fuel-free hot air balloon lifted a person into the sky, landing safely back on earth using only sun and air we all breathe, setting 32 unprecedented world records.

We flew without fossil fuels, batteries, lithium, solar panels, helium, hydrogen and carbon emissions. This marks the most sustainable human flight in the history of aviation. The FAI (World Air Sports Federation) recognises some of its achieved performances as World Records.

AT-08 Category

Duration: 16 minutes

Distance: 667.85 meters

*Certified by FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale)

*A safe & certified vehicle

*For the female and general categories  

Move with the rhythms of the planet Become part of the community  Changes your habits, not the climate Fly towards the Aerocene era

The Aerocene App floats into new, augmented realities in its latest update: visit the location of an aerosolar flight to see the trace of its trajectory, or transpose an archived Movement to a site of your own choosing. Fly without harming the planet and experience what it feels like to be lifted by the sun and carried with the wind.

The Aerocene App is an ever-evolving artwork, developed by the Aerocene Foundation in collaboration with Studio Tomás Saraceno.

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download the Aerocene App
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Fly with Aerocene Pacha online screening

Saturday, 25th at 13 GMT

Watch a one-time screening of the fourth and final chapter of Fly with Aerocene Pacha.

Fly with Aerocene Pacha helped us to re-imagine the way in which we move, and how we might move differently in the future. It connected many communities through a common goal, while raising voices in unison against harmful lithium extraction practices in northern Argentina.