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For the first time in human history, humans fly free into the air. On the 25th of January 2020, 'Aerocene Pacha' a fuel-free hot air balloon lifted a person into the sky, landing safely back on earth using only sun and air we all breathe, setting six unprecedented world records. We fly without fossil fuels, batteries, lithium, solar panels, helium, hydrogen and carbon emissions. This marks the most sustainable human flight in the history of aviation, being certified by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale).

Altitude: 272.1 mt
Distance: 1.7 km
Duration: 1 h 21 min*

*Being certified by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale)
*A safe & certified vehicle
*For the female and general categories

Aerocene is an worldwide interdisciplinary community that seeks to devise new modes of sensitivity, reactivating a common imaginary towards an ethical collaboration with the environment and the atmosphere, free from borders, free from fossil fuels, towards a new epoch.


collect, care, reuse and fly with a plastic bag

Aerocene emerged through Museo Aero Solar in 2007, a community practice forming through cooperation and the simple acts of reusing plastic bags. A flying museum, an aerosolar sculpture, and a container for and of collaborative endeavours, Museo Aero Solar continues to float around the Planet. Where will it land next?


travel around the world lifted only by the sun



a kit that can teach you how to float

Tethered or Free, first rule is: Do-It-Together! The Aerocene Backpack is a starter kit that offers a new way to move and sense the air, floating without helium, lithium batteries or fossil fuels. The Aerosolar sculpture enclosed in the portable backpack is everything you need to float and start sensing the skies using the heat from the Sun, and floating without burning fossil fuels, helium, and other rare gases. The Aerocene Backpack is currently being tested and developed by a passionate global community of artists, geographers, philosophers, thinkers, speculative scientists, explorers, balloonists, and technologists, and other enthusiasts.


See how people launch, hack and experiment with Aerocene sculptures!

Eclipse Solar 2019

Today Aerocene flew during the Austral Total Solar Eclipse of 2019! Our balloons were inflated in the afternoon, and at 17.41hs, the sun almost on the horizon, just before sunset, hid completely behind the moon for 2 minutes. 

Aerocene Solstice Free Flight at Flakensee

Want to be part of an atmospheric sensing leap this Saturday, challenging the aerial borders of the fossil fuel regime on drifting elemental journeys? We invite you to join us in releasing to the sky De-NOx, an aerosolar sculpture sent aloft as the call sign for the renewaling of our participation in the other-worldly community of our many-voiced environments.