Discover the atmosphere with Aerocene

Aerosols are the particles suspended in a gas. Some of these aerosols are produced by nature itself: by vegetation, volcanoes, dust storms or forest fires.

However, it is industrial activity that has increased their presence in the atmosphere in recent decades, since the use of fossil fuels and the alteration of the natural surface of our planet now produce 10% of the total amount of aerosols present in the clouds.

Each Aerocene Backpack comes with a floating sculpture and the SENSAIR, a DIT (Do-It-Together) sensing device comprised of a photo/video camera and a pack of sensors that measure air temperature, humidity, and pressure.
This configuration of elements is a powerful springboard for countless creative and scientific endeavors in the Aerocene.

Aerocene aims to explore invisible ecologies surrounding the planet through activities such as sensing. Taking part in observations that sensitize human and nonhuman bodies, participants are encouraged to consider ways in which the politics of the atmosphere might be re-imagined.

Learn together to attune to the air by collecting important atmospheric data using non-intrusive, emissions-free tools for scientific exploration developed by the Aerocene global community of artists, geographers, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, explorers, balloonists, and technologists and other enthusiasts.

As an ever-growing research endeavour, Aerocene continues to be open-source and collaborative, imagining and developing new modes of practice that lends tangibility to the air and promote environmental awareness, with the aim of rearticulating our relationship with the sun and the elements.