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Fly with Aerocene Pacha

On January 25, 2020, the aerosolar sculpture Aerocene Pacha flew with a message “Water and Life are Worth More than

Notes on Aerocene Pacha

Humans have always dreamt of flying, But, today, flight has become a nightmare. 1.3 million people in the air at

Aerocenic Struggles

Leer este artículo español Art, when done with talent and passion, usually opens up a portal that allows us to

The Puna is not a Triangle

Under the guise of the ‘green’ transition and implementing pathways to decarbonisation, a new frontier of capitalist expansion has emerged,

What Mountains Hold

Energy dreams are too often realised at the expense of the lives of indigenous peoples, local communities, and their ecosystems.

Towards the Rights of Nature

The transition from “Nature as an object” to “Nature as a subject” has begun. Establishing Nature as a subject with