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Travel around the world lifted only by the sun

In 2012, the Aerocene Float Predictor was developed, a global forecasting system utilising meteorological data to predict flight paths of aerosolar sculptures as they drift with the winds, challenging geopolitical borders and weaving trajectories that become signatures petitioning for the de-carbonisation of the air, and towards independence from fossil fuels.

Incorporating real-time information from 16-day forecasts of wind speeds at different altitudes, the Float Predictor is a navigational tool used to plan journeys in the Aerocene epoch. It allows for endless virtual journeys around the globe without CO2-emissions lifted only by the sun and the air, carried only by the wind, beyond national borders.

A community tool made in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of scientists from the MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), the Aerocene app is an ever-evolving artwork and continues to be developed by the Aerocene Foundation in collaboration with Studio Tomás Saraceno.

Since then, the trajectory computation, Visualization and Design has been developed by Cambridge University Space Flight (CUSF), Ingo Randolf, Roham Fayazy, Studio Folder and Angelo Sameraro. The journey of the Float Predictor app has been uplifted by Aerocene Foundation, Studio Tomás Saraceno, PublicLab, Imperial College London, Radio Amateurs DE and UK, and the UK High Altitude Society.

The Aerocene App floats into new, augmented realities in its latest update: visit the location of an aerosolar flight to see the trace of its trajectory, or transpose an archived Movement to a site of your own choosing. Fly without harming the planet and experience what it feels like to be lifted by the sun and carried with the wind.


Virtual Flights

The Aerocene Float Predictor draws Movements from a global forecasting system, utilising open meteorological data to predict flight paths across the world. Embedded with real-time wind forecasting, the Aerocene Float Predictor is a navigational tool to plan journeys in the Aerocene era.

Augmented Reality flights

Experience these Movements with your phone in the real world. Visit the location of an Aerocene flight to see the trace of its trajectory, or place an archived one onto a site of your own choosing, for a renewed way to sense the air and decolonize the earth from fossil fuel regimes.

Real flights

Humankind has always dreamed of flying but, for many today, that dream has become a nightmare. See the Movement created by the most sustainable flight in history, the human free flight that set 32 world records ratified by FAl, in solidarity with the 33 indigenous communities of Salinas Grandes, Jujuy.

You can start using the Aerocene App right now, on your computer click on the button below to imagine new aerosolar trajectories and get to know the Aerocene Community.

Scan the QR Code, download the Aerocene App, experience Augmented Reality Flights
and join the Aerocene Community!