sensing devices pack

When the Aerocene Backpack and its sculpture is floating in the air, its atmospheric sensing devices are constantly recording air temperature, humidity, altitude, and pressure.

Connecting to a Raspberry Pi single-board computer are a Raspberry Pi camera, a BME280 pressure/humidity/temperature sensor, a solar battery back, an SD card, and a WLAN stick (USB 2.0). Once assembled, this pack of sensing devices is placed in the recycled plastic bottle provided, and attached with a metal carabiner to the sculpture before lift off.

The aerosolar sculpture is able to rise off the ground because of variations in air temperature and density. It floats when the air inside it is heated to a temperature greater than the air outside. You can see this temperature differential firsthand by placing the two temperature sensors inside and outside the sculpture.

build it yourself

If you want to build the sensing devices pack yourself, follow the step-by-step instructions here.

You can also ‘hack’ the devices pack, create and add your own light-weight
sensors, and lift them up! Or expand your sensing devices pack by
borrowing or building these add-ons: