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Planetary Narratives 2: Fly with Pacha into the Aerocene

The Aerocene Community is really excited to have been part of “Planetary Narratives 2: Fly with Pacha into the Aerocene” on 11 April 2024, in Zurich, Switzerland. Organised by WeAreAia and Art2m, the programme began with a tour of the More-Than-Planet exhibition with curators Ewen Chardronnet and Martina Huber , followed by a presentation on the current controversy of Anthropocene voting by Debjani Bhattacharyya, Professor of Anthropocene History at the University of Zurich. We were also joined by artists of the exhibition Maya Minder, Monica Ursina Jäger, and partners SGMK, Symbiont.Space, Lowenbraukunst Zurich, and Human Rights Film Festival.

With the presence of the co-director of the documentary Maximiliano Laina and Aerocene activist Olivia Laina, the film “Fly with Pacha, to the Aerocene” was screened at the Schwarzescafé of Luma Westbau. Afterwards there was a conversation between members of the Aerocene community and the audience about the current situation of the indigenous communities in Salinas Grandes de Jujuy. The event was co-organised by WeAreAia and Art2m, with the support of Studio Tomas Saraceno, schwarzescafé I Luma Westbau, Pro Helvetia, and Creative Europe

On Sunday, April 14, the Aerocene community gathered in Zurich’s Kasernenareal park for a solar flight, which was attended by many friends: Maxi and Olivia Laina, Ewen Chardronnet, Maya Minder, Martina Huber ,Gianni Jetzer, and Aerocene human flight pilot Lea Zeberli , along with Pep Juliá, Collectively they chose to write a caption on the balloon that read “LA TIERRA SE LEVANTA”.

Photography: Ewen Chardronnet, Martina Huber, Maya Minder, Maxi Laina, Gianni Jetzer