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We are warm bodies,
rising with the air, heated by the sun.
We are temperature, we are air, we are alive.

Aerocene is a movement for eco-social justice, adrift on air, floating free from fossil fuels, towards an ethical re-alliance with the spheres of atmos, bios and cosmos relation. Rooted in slower activism and weather-dependent interdependency, the project emerges as a platform for uniting the shared interests of environmental justice, human rights, and political economy.

Since its formal founding in 2015, Aerocene has been activated across workshops, festivals and international exhibitions; through open-source, ‘Do-it-Together’ tool-building; in the testing and flying of aerosolar sculptures, and their mobilisation within performance and protest; by an interdisciplinary community, active in 126 cities, 43 countries, and 6 continents.

Drifting towards a more just society
Walking with our feet on the ground and heads in the clouds
Standing in solidarity with the Earth’s guardians


Aerocene acts in solidarity with all those fighting for an eco-social transition and the Rights of Nature.


Throughout history, humanity has rehearsed with lighter-than-air vehicles in search of a different way to move through and with the air, only with the power of the sun.

Presented here are various attempts of solar flight, undertaken by people whose types of movements into the atmosphere have become marginalised, and rendered invisible under the hegemony of the fossil fuel regime. 


Adjective. Noun.

1. The capacity to harness the energy of the Sun in ways that make moving with, and relating to, the ocean of air self-sustaining.

2. A body of air heated by direct solar radiation, achieving lower density than the air outside of it to float in equilibrium with the atmosphere.

3. The desire for futurity expressed in the rejection of fossil fuels and the extractive practices and relations of the industrial-colonial model, embodied in the will to sense and collaborate with the atmosphere and all immersed in its elemental milieu.

Alive on air, in flight, within orbit
For regrowth, re-cognition, and resistance