Aerocene arrives in Rosario, Argentina!

Aeronauts of Argentina, Aerocene arrives this weekend floating in the air to Rosario! We will be building a huge Aerosolar Museum and carrying out Aerosolar flights in the Paraná River coast, signing in the air our commitment towards a future free of fossil fuels. Everyone is invited!

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Aerocene for Notunterkunft refugee camp in Ehra-Lessien – FLIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT

Dear Pilots,

We hope you are having a great and sunny week! After the successful visit in Notunterkunft refugee camp in Ehra-Lessien last week, we would like to go and make the first flight performance there tomorrow!

We are meeting there again this Friday at 11 am! The address is :

Am Platz 10, 38468, Ehra-Lessien

it is only 50km from IAK Institute.

Just like the last week – everybody from any group who is interested to become the new fleet of Aerocene aviators is welcome to join! Please organize your own transportation in carpool groups and meet us there. We would strongly suggest to you to meet at IAK at 9.30 am and take everyone who would like to go in your car, or ask around who could bring you to Ehra-Lessien, as currently we have no empty seats left!

This time, weather conditions look very promising, and we will try to float the following sculptures:

– D-OAEC Aerocene – Human Flight sculpture

Aerocene Backpack kit

– more flying sculptures built by students

Please remember that the performance is weather dependent, and the most fundamental part of the Becoming Pilot course is to learn to attune to the weather and to be flexible and spontaneous in order to adapt to new climates!
Please follow the weather forecast, and if it is sunny and not very windy – we will fly !!

Students of Tomás and Alex’s group will present and test their proposed payloads with Aerocene Explorer and also cut-down mechanism.

We will learn about albedo (look for the foil solutions to reflect more sunlight and heat up sculptures faster), and get ready for a free flight.

We will as well have a lunch in Ehra-Lessien, kindly organized by the director Thomas Schweigler.

See you there!

Next Aerocene launch will be on 10 June 2016 at a location in Germany, to be announced soon!


Aerocene Foundation is glad to present the manual for the Aeroreflector. Fly, cook and cool the earth with the sun – reflect on a new epoch, free from fossil fuels!” The Aeroreflector invites a collective turn towards the most important energy source for earthly life, the Sun.

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Aerosolar activities at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Experimenting with the elemental towards a new, different attunement to the planet, becoming more sensitive to the objects and vibrations passing through the atmosphere and around us, Aerocene invites the public of Paris, human and more-than-human, to be ON AIR this week 24-29.10-2018.

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