on, in, with and for the air

6—11 Sept 2019
Olympiaberg, Munich

Aerosolar Flights Program

In a weather-dependent world: if sun and wind are not aligned, we shall float another time!

6—8 Sept, 8—11:30 

6—11 Sept, 8—16 

6—11 Sept, 8—16 

10 Sept, 8—11 

Becoming Aerosolar, Free Flight Schönefelde, Germany, 2015.
Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2015, licensed under CC by Aerocene Foundation 4.0

6—8 Sept, 8—11:30

The three days of the Human Flights in Munich present the opportunity to experience Aerocene’s floating mobility with Aerocene D-OAEC, the community’s fully certified aerosolar sculpture capable of lifting two pilots.

The demonstrative performances engage with Munich’s ballooning legacy: reflecting on Wilhelmine Reichard, Germany’s first female balloonist who completed her final flight in Munich in 1820, almost 200 years ago. In honour of her endeavours, Aerocene attempts with these flights to break history records, namely the first ever fully solar-powered human flight in German history!  

Read more about D-OAEC’s record breaking aerosolar journeys here.

6—11 Sept, 8—16

The Aerocene Backpack is a flight starter kit enclosing an aerosolar sculpture and sensing devices, collaboratively developed by the Community since 2016. The movements of the sculptures, and attached open-source tools, reveal the invisible infrastructures of the atmosphere.

All in Munich are invited to join the Aerocene Community in borrowing the backpacks from the Community Hub, and to further hack the device package to respond to their local atmospheric needs!

Pilot courses run throughout the festival, and you can join David Luigart in collaboratively building the first ever Munich-produced aerosolar sculpture! Learn more here.


6—11 Sept, 8—16 

The Aerocene Float Predictor is a global forecasting system that utilises open meteorological data to predict flight paths of aerosolar sculptures journeying around the planet without releasing CO2-emissions. Incorporating real-time information from 16-day forecasts of wind speeds at different altitudes, the Float Predictor is a navigational tool used to plan journeys into the Aerocene epoch and allows anyone to generate their own aeroglyph, joining the community effort of petitioning for the planetary independence from fossil fuels.

Following the Solstice launch on June 22 from Berlin, the community of the Aerocene Festival will come together outside of Munich’s city boundaries to drift freely on the next aerosolar journey, experimenting and sensing together the multitude of planetary inter-relationships with the devices co-developed throughout Aerocene’s manifestation in Munich.

In this latest fossil-fuel-free movement to transcend the physical and immaterial borders of our time, FabLab München e.V. will be testing a newly developed SENSAIR device – join in the co-building here.

Not in Munich but want to be involved? Become part of the recovery team!
Learn more here.

Practical Info

Flight activities are weather dependent and suitable for all ages.

The Human Flight performances are demonstrative – only professionals can be lifted.