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Aerocene Solstice Free Flight at Flakensee


Want to be part of an atmospheric sensing leap this Saturday, challenging the aerial borders of the fossil fuel regime on drifting elemental journeys?


Join Aerocene, adjust to elemental energies, take to the sky, and fall back to Earth


After a day of word-infused reflections speculations on today, towards speculations on shared sympoietic tomorrows, the future, both from individuals and as a collective of the Aerocene epoch, we invite you to join us in releasing to the sky De-NOx, an aerosolar sculpture sent aloft as the call sign for the renewaling of our participation in the other-worldly community of our many-voiced environments.

Attached to De-NOx, is the a super light weight tracker Pecan Femto 4a (PF4a) weighing only 9 grams in total, transmitting it’s journey back to Earth’s surface as the aerosolar sculpture moves skywards through the power of the sun, crossing national territories fabricated by the hegemonic regimes of extraction, enacting mass extinction in our age of climate crisis humans. The journey will be followed by the Deutschen Amateur-Radio-Club, Radiosondy Polska and other APRS communities worldwide, who getting ready themselves for the recovery in tune with with the sun-doawn.


Join the For Launching Team

Meeting point is 8am at Flakensee, Theodor-Fontane-Weg, 15569 Woltersdorf, Germany

  • Latitude: 52°26’04.3″N (52.434534)
  • Longitude: 13°46’03.8″E (13.767715)

Where we will start our solar powered journey together, free from carbon emissions.

In keeping with Aerocene ethos, we encourage fossil fuel free movements to the site. The S3 in direction Erkner will assist your atmospheric sensitivity, and a walking group will meet you at Erkner Bhf at 7:30am to Walk-It-Together to the launch pad.


Join the For Recovery Team

Join the recovery team to help find the sculptures once they land, following the call sign M6IOR on APRS tracking site.

We recommend coming by bike or train, and bringing extra bottles of water, sunscreen, towels and a hat.

Please note; as always, weather dependency is our accountability – we won’t rise without the mutual cooperation between us and the climate. If Saturday brings us clouds or rain, the free flight will attune accordingly and manifest at a later postponed to another day.

Whatsapp any Aerocene community member if you need directions,

  • Camilla 0049 17622081857
  • Alice 0049 15226817310
  • Roxanne: 0049 1727 807 847

See you there,

Aerocene Foundation