be part of the change

The Aerocene Backpack movie is a collective endeavor of experiences by people all around the world that come together with 1-minute videos to challenge the Anthropocene and start building a new epoch, the Aerocene. We invite you to test our Aerocene Backpack beta version and take part in the Aerocene movie! You will have the chance to investigate a different model for living and floating in this century. We will send you an Aerocene Backpack starter kit to use for a certain period of time.

Feel free to customise and use it in manifold ways, with your community, neighbours, and friends! When you send us back the kit, we ask you to share your experience with us in a 1-minute video.You can film any way you like! Use your smartphone, or use the camera onboard the aerosolar sculpture to shoot a video in the sky. There is no “right way” to film your experience.

You can start by thinking about these questions: What are your first impressions of the Aerocene Backpack? How could you imagine people would use it in the future? What issue in your community would you most like to shed some light on? Introduce us to yourself, your friends, your world. Your Aerocene Backpack.

Borrow an Aerocene Backpack and be part of the Aerocene movie