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Eclipse Solar 2019

Solar Eclipse 2019 Expedition

By Maxi Laina and Joaquín Ezcurra

Villa de Merlo, Sierras Comechingones
San Luis, Argentina

Sunday, June 30, 2019, 4pm

Aerosolar flight prior to #eclipsesolartotal2019, on the foothills of the Sierras Comechingones in Merlo. On a clearing in the moutain, we investigated what a flight would look like at the same time as the eclipse.

Monday, July 1, 2019, 2pm

Today we were invitedby Agrupación 25 de Febrero from Piedra Blanca, to fly at ​​Plaza Horizonte Azul, in Merlo. Just before boys and girls begin their football training, we measured the wind and then flew an aerosolar balloon in the afternoon.

We talked about the wind and wondered where the same balloons would go in free flight. Nahiara, Jazmin, Tamara, Yamila, Isaias, Jesus, Nacho and Miguel, made their first experiences as aerosolar pilots.

Eclipse solar total: ¿puede la Tierra tramar para mantener los globos calientes y en el aire mientras la luna conspira contra ella?"

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Today Aerocene flew during the Austral Total Solar Eclipse of 2019! Our balloons were inflated in the afternoon, and at 17.41hs, the sun almost on the horizon, just before sunset, hid completely behind the moon for 2 minutes. 

Our balloons anticipated its slow atmospheric descent due to the lower solar radiation. Aligned with our main star and the moon, connected to the earth, we dreamt with a world free from fossil fuels.

Aerocene Eclipse Team

Maxi Laina

Gabriela Sorbi

Joaquin Ezcurra

Sol Uría

Sebastián Soulé

Martin Coco Adorno

Camille Valenzuela

Martin Manzur

Aerocene Berlin > Alice Lamperti, Camilla Berggen Lundell, Gwilym Faulkner, Erik Vogler