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Aerocene Festival 2019 – Movements for the Air, Munich Landing

During the first weeks of September 2019, Aerocene Community assembled in Munich for Aerocene Festival, an occasion of entanglement and attunement with the atmosphere and each other.

In celebration of the numbers of clouds sensed and the thickness of thoughts developed during the days of gathering, community member Dalia Maini has written a poetic report reflecting and acknowledging all who made the festival possible, whether as a talk or workshop host, the public, community members and dreamers! 

Stay Attuned, further developments of the experience in Munich to follow!

In connection to the festival, Aerocene Foundation with Studio Tomás Saraceno published

Movements for the Air
Munich Landing

This book contains the embedded energies of the Aerocene Festival 2019 collectivities and their respective speculations for zero-carbon futures. It is an invitation to all who are open to receiving them and embarking on the experimental movements toward realising the ever growing horizons of Aerocene’s evolving aerosophics. For a renewed vision of Earth’s planetary futures; In Air We Trust.


Aerocene Community —Aerocene Manifesto
Anton Biebl — Foreword 
Tomás Saraceno — Meditative Mo(ve)ments for Atmospheric Re-attunement
Susanne Witzgall — The Art of Relating Differently
Emanuele Braga — Common Intelligence
Beate Engl — Powered by: The Dilemma of Art in Outer Space Ayushi Dhawan — Obituary: A Farewell to the Oriental Nicety (1986–2012) Long Gone but not Forgotten…!
Joaquin Ezcurra — Aerosolar Dérive: Aerocene Community in Argentina
Erik Bordeleau Love is in the Air — Airquakes for the Aerocene
Avenir Institute — Aeropolitical Manifesto: Suprapolitics in Aerocene Jasper Julius Humpert —83AQI The (In)Visibility of Atmospheric Ubiquity 

Editors: Tomás Saraceno with Alice Lamperti and Roxanne Mackie (Aerocene Foundation)

Design by ATLAS Projectos

Editorial Office: Studio Tomás Saraceno

Photo Editors: Studio Tomás Saraceno

Translation: English-Deutsch Eva Scharrer & Eva Wilson;
Deutsch-English Daniel Spaulding

The book has been printed on paper Oikos (115 and 300 g/m2), made with 50% pure environmentally friendly certified FSC® fibres and 50% recycled fibres.

First published in Berlin in 2020 by Aerocene Foundation Hauptstraße 11-12 10317 Berlin Germany;
Printed in Berlin, Germany by Ruksaldruck. 

ISBN 978-3-00-064721-5

This project was funded by Aerocene Foundation, Studio Tomás Saraceno and City of Munich, Department of Arts and Culture.