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Our planet is warming - up by 1.1°C due to human activities, impacting health, food, and water resources globally. Ironically, those least responsible for this crisis bear its heaviest burdens. We're at a pivotal moment: urgent action is needed to lower emissions, adapt to changes, and seek equitable solutions.


As a dedicated non-profit, we’re at the forefront of fostering community, promoting ecosocial justice and educating about sustainable living. We’re known for our innovative solar sculptures that soar without fuel or rare gases, symbolizing our commitment to a low-impact future. Collaborating with a diverse group of artists, scientists, thinkers, climate justice and indigenous activists, we’re reimagining our relationship with Earth.


Spanning 56 locations in 26 countries with 77 projects, Museo Aero Solar has repurposed over 62,500 plastic bags with the help of over 500 participants.

Aerocene has achieved 10,400 minutes of emission-free flight in 172 solar journeys, including 15 free and 13 manned flights, directly involving over 1000 participants across 36 countries. Our projects have resonated with over 40,000 online supporters.

In 2020, Fly with Aerocene Pacha proudly allied with indigenous communities in Argentina, protesting harmful lithium mining practices and setting 32 FAI World Records in solar ballooning.


Your role in this journey is vital. With every donation, you’re not just contributing funds; you’re fostering a global movement towards sustainability and climate justice. Here’s what your donation supports:

  • Fly with Aerocene Pacha: A collaborative documentary and activism against harmful lithium mining.
  • International Rally: Advocating for climate justice for indigenous peoples.
  • Museo Aero Solar: Empowering communities to be resilient and climate-aware.
  • Global Aerocene Backpack Program: Expanding access to our solar sculptures.
  • Aerocene App & Community Database: Building a global network of climate activists.

Your donation directly assists communities, especially in the Global South, in their fight for a greener planet.

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