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Wetlands Protest at Congreso de la Nación

Maristella Svampa

On Wednesday 18 August 2021, the Aerocene community of Buenos Aires and the islands of the Paraná River Delta participated in the demonstration in front of Congress in favour of the Wetlands Law.

The protest was organised by different civil society groups, self-organised movements and political parties, coordinated by the Multisectorial Humedales.

In the days prior to the march, a caravan of kayakers made a journey from the city of Rosario, navigating the Paraná River to the islands of Tigre in the lower Delta. The kayakers themselves participated in the event with their boats, paddles and life jackets.

The Aerocene community joined the demonstration with a black and transparent aerosolar sculpture, which after accumulating heat through the sun’s rays during the afternoon, managed to rise without fossil fuels in front of the Argentinean Congress.

Wetlands are home to one of the largest reserves of biodiversity on the planet, sources of water, mitigate droughts and floods, provide food, host rich biodiversity and store carbon, among many other ecosystem services.

They are currently threatened by anthropogenic activities such as cattle ranching, industrial agriculture, and real estate developments. A law to protect them is imperative for a future in harmony with nature.

The demonstration that arrived at the Congress was received by legislators, with whom they talked about the number of permanent obstacles and excuses that are given around the treatment of the law. The aim is to prevent the Wetlands Bill from losing its parliamentary status.