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Upcoming Free Flight in Berlin 23rd Sept, Berlin, Germany

We are ready to send the Aerocene message to new heights! On the 23rd of September we will be launching 2 new Aerocene Sculptures on their Aerosolar Journey.

Our team has been working hard on developing new Aerocene sculptures and we can’t wait to share our new ideas with you!

Besides the sculptures themselves, our new Aerocene Explorers will be travelling with new companions:

For this flight we will be collaborating with RCA student Grace Pappas and exploring the possibilities that open up with an Aerocene flight. We met with Grace on our Exhibition Road Hackathlon, where she collaborated with Larasati Gunyuu, Chun Hang Cho to develop a biomimetic beak that captures and protects silver Y moths. For the past month, Grace has joined our studio, developing new ideas. Her objects, that will be flying as payloads on the sculptures, will be mechanically responding to the environmental changes the Aerocene experiences during the flight. Keep an eye on our website to find out more.

Aerobeak Prototype Grace Pappas from Studio Tomás Saraceno on Vimeo.