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Record attempt to the most sustainable, fully solar-powered human flight in France

“Ciel vêtu de laine, eau peu lointaine.” It’s time to be ON AIR!

27.10.2018 New, fully-certified world record for manned solar-balloon flight,

Aéroclub de la Vallée du Loing

77250 Route Départementale 40, 77250 Moret-Loing-et-Orvanne, Frankreich

+33 1 64 45 83 63

from sunrise until noon

235 years ago, the grounds of Versailles witnessed the first ever human balloon flight, when a hot-air balloon built by the brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier took the the first humans ON AIR entering the history of ballooning.

Together, we will now attempt to break the record for the most sustainable, fully solar-powered human flight in France. Envisioning a future free from borders, free from fossil fuels, lifted only by the heat of the sun, traveling around the world following wind currents and atmospheric forces, a human flight performance with the potential of a new world record for a fully solar manned flight will be performed in Paris. Mobilizing the Aerocene community of hackers, balloonists, dreamers, artists, and scientists to collectively lift off ground, we invite everyone to join in the follow up of Aerocene in White Sands, New Mexico in 2015. Seven passengers were buoyant with the air for approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes without using any propane, thereby establishing new worldwide records and discerning itself from all other certified solar crafts in existence.

26.10.2018 Aerosolar choreography, courtyard of Palais de Tokyo
from sunrise until noon

Inviting everyone to take part in buoyancy creation through infrared radiation from the sun, following winding trajectories, propelled by thermal air currents. As we (up)rise with the sun, becoming airborne with minds and bodies, Aerocoene Explorers signing the air towards the decarbonization of the sky, impressing aeroglyphs with the air, will be joining an aerial performance outside of the museum.

NB: Aerosolar flights are weather dependent: read the clouds, smell the air!

If the weather will not permit the flight we invite you to join the Aerocene space in Palais de Tokyo and leave your signature towards independence from fossil fuels via the Float Predictor!

How many minutes will the Aerocene sculptures stay afloat?

RSVP your bet to and win the chance to become airborne!

The flights will take place with the oversight of professional pilots to ensure the safety of everyone involved.