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Patagonia Argentina

During the austral summer 2021, several Aerocene Community members were able to fly aerosolar, even in Patagonia! Neuquén and Río Negro signed this January the socio-environmental pact to preserve the air, so that we can all breathe.

The first southern flight (January 12th) took place in the distant spot of Las Breñas, near Pilo Lil, department of Aluminé, province of Neuquén. The coniferous forest is reflected in the gentle waters of the Aluminé River, which flows from north to south parallel to the Andes Mountain Range. On its banks you can see some pehuenes, or araucaria araucana, the native conifer of northern Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia.

Together with Eleonora Sommariva and Emilce Muñoz, Elva Aigo, Oliver, Joel, Nadia and Fidel Troncozo, flew an Aerocene sculpture. Their slow movements impressed the villagers, and resonated with the natural and quiet beauty of this region. Some were even encouraged to take the rope of the Aerocene sculpture, in their first experiences as aerosolar pilots.

A few days later, -Juanuary 16th- we flew on the shore of Mascardi Lake, Río Negro province, together with Maria Cohen, Juan, Quin and Mariano Clusellas. We were accompanied by Alejandro Vereertbrugghen and Franco Grasso.

With the Andes Mountains and Cerro Tronador in the background, the Aerocene sculpture took off from a rowing boat. Some air-water-air tests were performed, on the premise that an Aerocene sculpture touches the water and takes off again. The flight was a success, adding to the list of atmospheric experiments launched from a boat.

This is how Aerocene takes off in Patagonia, reactivating new sensibilities and common imaginaries, towards an ethical collaboration with the environment. We invite you to sign a socio-environmental pact with and for the air, for an air we can all breathe, free from fossil fuels.

Join the Aerocene era, borrow an Aerocene backpack and free the air!