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La Isla de La Paternal

On Sunday Septermber 27th, members of the Buenos Aires Aerocene Community gathered for an aero solar flight at “La Isla de La Paternal”.

“La Isla”, or the island, is one of the Buenos Aires city most important green spaces: a green lung surrounded by the neighborhoods of La Paternal, Villa Ortúzar and Angronomía, now at risk of an excluding real estate development.

In 2018, the city government pushed and approved a project in the legislature that would completely transform this open space with 11 high-rise apartment tower buildings.

Recently, the first signs and equipment from the construction company that is about to start the construction work have appeared.

Aerocene community members Juan Pablo Ferlat, Pablo Radice, Madeleine Onis and Joaquin Ezcurra flew an Aerocene sculpture as a manifestation against the real estate development and in favor of keeping the green space open and public for everyone.

The demonstration also took place in support of the residents of the Villa Ortúzar neighbourhood, who are fighting against the construction of another high-rise building in Plaza Malaver.
The flight was joined by a multitude of kids who were playing at the park, who were attracted by the flying sculpture.

When the sculpture came to the floor, the collectively pushed it upwards at the shout: let it fly! let it fly!