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Join Aerocene in Rome 03.12.2017

Dearest friends,

On Sunday at 11am, against odds and weather forecasts, we will float over the skies of Rome, launching an Aerocene Explorer at Lago Ex SNIA and declare independence from fossil-fuels!

We would love to have you there, where we together explore buoyancy using no other resources than the sun, the air and the wind! We will celebrate the air, and the power of the nature. We will create signatures in, of and with the air, signaling a new ethical deal with the planet and its extraordinary resources.

Lago Ex SNIA represents a local victory. We now want to represent a global victory, coming together to share experiences, knowledge and dreams. In a world of tumultuous geopolitical relations, come join us to send out a message of simplicity and creativity as well as of cooperation with the environment and the atmosphere.

See you at –
Va di Portonaccio / Lago Preneste
(Entrance beside railway bridge)
00177 Roma RM

Fair winds,
Aerocene Foundation