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Fly with Aerocene Pacha – Connect, BTS – Live streaming

Connect Saturday, April 25th at 3PM in Berlin, 10AM in Buenos Aires, and 10PM Seoul for a live screening of Fly with Aerocene Pacha, a project by Tomàs Saraceno for Aerocene Foundation as part of CONNECT, BTS, curated by Daehyung Lee. CONNECT, BTS is a global curatorial practice, a series of projects realized by a range of artists and curators, whose work resonates with BTS’ philosophy.

The culmination of over 20 years experimental work, Fly with Aerocene Pacha took off January 28th 2020 in the salt flats of Salinas Grandes, Argentina, becoming the first ever balloon-like structure to lift a human into the atmosphere, allowing its pilot to float free, without the use of fossil fuels, helium or lithium –becoming the most sustainable flight in human history and setting six world records across two categories.

Named after Pacha Mama, the Andean concept that connects what lies below and above the Earth’s surface with the furthest reaches of the cosmos, uniting space and time, Aerocene Pacha worked to bring together indigenous peoples and diverse communities through a common goal, raising voices in unison against harmful lithium extraction practices in northern Argentina.

Now, screen Pacha’s journey through films commissioned from Gastón Solnicki, Maximiliano Laina, Julia Solomonoff for Canal Encuentro, and Diego Belaunzarán Colombo and Matías Arturo Tarrés.

Be lifted by the sun and carried by the wind in your own virtual aerosolar sculpture by downloading the Aerocene App. Within the app is the Float Predictor, a global forecasting system that predicts flight paths of lighter than air sculptures circling around the globe free from CO2 emissions, which was developed by the Aerocene Foundation in collaboration with MIT.

Air pollution is intrinsically linked with the COVID crisis -one of the biggest obstacles in recovery from the disease being a person’s lung health. Let’s begin an era free from fossil fuels, lithium and other pollutants, together, as we experience the flight of Pacha from our homes. Join the Aerocene era and follow future flights @aerocene!