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Sasha Engelmann

Geographer exploring the poetics and politics of air, atmosphere and weather

Sasha has been working in and with the Aerocene project since before it was called Aerocene. Over the years, her participation involved the development of educational tools and pedagogies with Aerocene sculptures for a range of academic, artistic and public-facing venues. Between 2014-2016 she taught aerosolar practices and theory with Tomás Saraceno, Jol Thomson, Nadja Miodragovic, Ivana Franke, Alan Prohm and others at the Institut fur Architekturbezogene Kunst, Technical University of Braunschweig. She currently runs advanced undergraduate and graduate courses featuring Aerocene methodologies at Royal Holloway University in London. She is also increasingly engaged in creating tools for making reliable, quality-assured datasets on common air pollutants via Aerocene sculpture flights, and is currently working on a new prototype for the Aerocene ‘air sensing kit’ with colleagues from engineering and earth sciences at Royal Holloway. In recent years, she´s curated Aerocene Symposia at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, the Royal College of Art in London and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. She has been fortunate to represent the Aerocene Community at many museum colloquia. She has authored numerous texts about Aerocene, including those published in the Aerocene Newspaper, Volume I (2015), Volume (2015), Annals of the American Association of Geographers (2018). She co-edited the Exhibition Road Aerocene Reader (2017). Finally, her forthcoming book, Sensing Art in the Atmosphere: Elemental Lures and Aerosolar Practices (Routledge, 2020) narrates activities in aerosolar communities including Museo Aero Solar and Aerocene to investigate the role of art in shifting and intervening in the politics of the air. Sasha is Lecturer in GeoHumanities in the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway University, where she co-directs the GeoHumanities Creative Commissions programme.


Tempelhof together
Cappadox Festival
Mobile Utopia
Royal Holloway
FabCity Summit
Wilhelm Hack Museum
Atmosphere and Nature Lecture
Oslo Triennale
Royal Museo


Fly with Aerocene Pacha online screening

Saturday, 25th at 13 GMT

Watch a one-time screening of the fourth and final chapter of Fly with Aerocene Pacha.

Fly with Aerocene Pacha helped us to re-imagine the way in which we move, and how we might move differently in the future. It connected many communities through a common goal, while raising voices in unison against harmful lithium extraction practices in northern Argentina.