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Joaquín Ezcurra

Cartographer, Marine technician, Web developer

I am cartographer, marine technician and web developer. I often work onboard survey vessels dealing with data aqcuisition equipment in hydrographic and oceanographic cruises. My research about visualizing the winds of the Rio de la Plata took shape on the exhibition Sudestada at Centro Cultural Borges in 2012. I took part in several group ehibitions with 0.1 art collective with Lejanía, a light installation. I have worked for several cultural institutions such as Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (Imaginary) and Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamoericano (cheLA-UCLA). I’m passionate about understanding the atmosphere and data visualization. I have been collaborating with Aerocene Foundation since 2017 in Aerosolar data visualization, free flight operations and community science projects such as Villa Inflamable. In January 2020, I surveyed Pacha flights, on which a woman pilot flew free on a solar balloon for the first time in history. The flight was awarded 32 FAI Word Records. I was born in Buenos Aires in 1980.


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Fly with Aerocene Pacha online screening

Saturday, 25th at 13 GMT

Watch a one-time screening of the fourth and final chapter of Fly with Aerocene Pacha.

Fly with Aerocene Pacha helped us to re-imagine the way in which we move, and how we might move differently in the future. It connected many communities through a common goal, while raising voices in unison against harmful lithium extraction practices in northern Argentina.