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Aug 27 launch: Schönfelde, Germany

Maristella Svampa



Hello Aerocene friends and pilots,

Join us for the next leg of the Aerocene “Around the World” carbon-free solar journey!

This Saturday, 27 August at 7:00 a.m., we will be launching Aerocene solar balloon sculptures with atmospheric recording sensor payloads in Schönfelde, Germany (2 hours from Berlin by train). Aerocene traveling sculptures transcend boundaries between art and science and have become a visionary open participatory platform of knowledge production and distribution. In addition to the launch, we invite you to a participate in two challenges and win a prize. This launch is entirely dependent on the weather, so let’s hope for clear, sunny skies with very little wind so we can lift off. If the weather prohibits us from launch ing, we will reschedule to another date. The location for this launch was selected because it falls outside the D-CTR area in Berlin, necessary due to local air traffic regulations.


Challenge 2: 

Be the first to locate the Gemini after it has landed, and help us launch it again!

The first to locate and retrieve the Gemini on the ground will win an aerial video of this leg of Aerocene’s “Around the World” carbon-free solar journey, shot by the Gemini sculptures’ cameras!

Challenge 1:

Can you accurately forecast where the Aerocene Gemini will land?

These are the coordinates for the launch: 52°27’32.4”N 14°03’15.3”E Plot your prediction on this map. Click “Add marker,” then select your forecasted landing point on the map, and add your name to the point when prompted. Whoever forecasts closest to where the Gemini lands will win an aerial video of this leg of the “Around the World” Aerocene journey, shot by the Gemini sculptures’ cameras!


Aerocene sculptures to be launched: Gemini (TS/Sl5048), Explorer 1.0, Tetrahedron Transparent (TS/S15180) Total payload capacity: approx. 1.4 kg TRACK the flight path and collect atmospheric data in real time: (Click on the sculpture icon, then click “Show telemetry,” and you will see the data (temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc.) You can WATCH the live video stream for three days after the flight:, and you can see our live video stream images here Special guests: Nick Shapiro (Public Lab), Sven Steudte (Radio Amateur), and from Studio Tomás Saraceno, Adrian Krell, Daniel Schulz, Cara Cotner, Irin Siriwattanagul, Kotryna šlapšinskaitė, and Saverio Cantoni The Aerocene project is a collective endeavour that is being currently developed by a team, united under a non-profit organisation. The sculptures are paving the way for the most sustainable and energy efficient vehicle humans have ever created. Come join us this Saturday. Forecast the Gemini’s landing. Track it down and help us to relaunch, as Aerocene moves “Around the World.” Exercise your thermodynamic imagination.


 Gemini Free flight 27 Aug 2016

On 27 August 2016, just after sunrise, Aerocene returned to the skies once again, embarking on the next leg of its “Around the World” carbon-free solar  journey.


 The Aerocene Gemini was able to reach a highest altitude of 16,283 m (53,422 ft)!  The Aerocene Gemini was able to reach a highest altitude of 16,283 m (53,422 ft)!

Temperature inside and outside/AIR PRESSURE/ HumiditY:

Telemetry history graphs for DL7AD-11 in 48 hours

The online challenge:

As for the landing point forecasting challenge, unfortunately there were no winners this time, as no one’s prediction fell within 20 km of the actual landing point. Special mention goes to the 3 people who guessed the closest: Claudia Melendez, Maria Cohen, and yes, Tomás Saraceno! There will be further chances to win coming soon – we are already planning our next launch as our global circumnavigation continues, step by step!