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Aerocene Laboratory Moscow

Maristella Svampa

Thirteen participants. Four months of waiting for a suitable weather forecast in Moscow. Two unsuccessful launch attempts with the Aerocene Backpack.

And finally, –20°C. We unrolled the black fabric, took in the air. The sun came out almost immediately. It took just a few minutes for the air inside to warm up and raise the sculpture.

We proved to ourselves that flying without fuel is real. Even in Russia, even when it’s a little crisp and snowy at –20°C. All we need is sun and a minimum of wind.

People will have to become even more weather dependent soon, will have to tactfully slow down and literally learn to plan flights. But why not? In my opinion, it’s awesome!

Launch data

  • 8th February, 2021, 10.50 AM
  • Chernogolovka airfield, Moscow region
  • southwest wind, 2 m / s

Organized by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Katya Vlasova
Katya Yakovleva
Nu Simakina
Nastya Mleko
Oks Rudko
Margarita Polyanskaya
Maksim Saleev
Nikolay Golikov
Svyat Kilesso
Ksenia Nechaeva
Denis Sivkov

Technical consultant Denis Efremov
Program manager Aleksandra Evtushenko
Curator Iaroslav Volovod