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Flying in Campo Imperatore

On September 19th, Aerocene participated with an aerosolar flight at Performartive 0.1, an international festival of performance, arte, dance, theatre and music organized by Maxxi L’Aquila.

The flight took place in Campo Imperatore in ideal conditions, hovering above a cinematic landscape, only with the heat of the sun, free from fossil fuels.

Campo Imperatore, also know as “Little Tibet”, is an alpine meadow formed by a high basin shaped plateau located above Gran Sasso massif, the largest plateau of Apennine ridge.

A black aerosolar sculpture included in the Aerocene Backpack portable flight kit was piloted by Lorenzo Malloni, quietly reaching up to 172 metes altitude above ground.

The weather dependent flight performance, offered the intrepid attendants who travelled from nearby L’Aquilla, the chance to reconnect to the natural currents and rhythms of the planet.

Photos & Videos at Campo Imperatore’s: © Gianfranco Fortuna, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI