“Fly with Pacha—into the Aerocene” premieres in Argentina at CCK

On Saturday August 5th, the documentary film by Maxi Laina and Tomás Saraceno “Fly with Pacha—into the Aerocene” was premiered in Argentina. We were so thrilled to see the theater hall completely full and to have shared this special event with all of you!!! After the screening, the Aerocene community hosted a panel discussion with representatives from the Indigenous Communities, Verónica Chávez y Erika Cañari from Salinas Grandes, philosopher Maristella Svampa and environmental lawyer Enrique Viale. We would also like to offer our thanks to Claudia Aboaf for hosting the evening.

Saturday’s screening closed a week during which more than sixty communities of native peoples toured the provinces of the country, culminating with the arrival of the Third Malón de la Paz (Peace March) in Buenos Aires. They have demonstrated peacefully, meeting with legislators and different human rights representatives to make their struggle visible.

Currently in Argentina, the indigenous communities have been manifesting day and night for over a week in front of the tribunals on the central plaza in Buenos Aires, bravely resisting the repressive constitutional reforms that threaten their livelihoods. These communities continue to occupy the main squares in Buenos Aires, but unfortunately due to the government’s refusal to hear their voices, this struggle continues without resolution. 

Fly with Pacha—into the Aerocene, portrays the long-standing relationship between many ever-growing communities across multiple continents, documenting the ongoing collaboration between Aerocene and the Indigenous Communities of of Salinas Grandes and Laguna de Guayatayoc, in Jujuy, Northern Argentina, who are fighting to protect their land against the rapid corporate extraction of lithium from their salt plains, driven by the demand for batteries, which is depleting water resources in the region and contaminating the Earth. 

“A message, a film, a journey around the sun with Pachamama, a space-time towards eras of complementarities.”

A huge thank you to everyone who joined on Saturday for the premiere of at the CC Kirchner!