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Aerocene is in, on, about, and with the air.

Aerocene is an interdisciplinary artistic community that seeks to devise new modes of sensitivity, reactivating a common imaginary towards an ethical collaboration with the environment and the atmosphere, free from carbon emissions. As an ever growing research and experiemntal practice, Aerocene is open-source and collaborative. It consists of a dedicated and diverse global community of practitioners who collaborate to promote and enact envitomental awareness and atmospheric sensing experiments, imagining new infrastructures of planetary mobility and ethics.

By collaboratively developing, testing and launching aerosolar sculptures, Aerocene seeks to open up the imagination towards an emergent cloudscape, un-tethering a new era of planetary attunement, restoring the thermodynamic balance of the Earth, free from borders, free from fossil fuels.



The launch pad towards this new epoch is the aerosolar sculpture, a Do-It-Together (DIT) vessel to enter the aerial, whose only engine is the air and the heat of the Sun. It becomes buoyant as a result of the temperature differentials between the air masses inside and outside the aerosolar balloon, anywhere from 2 degrees up, without using any fossil fuels, helium, hydrogen, solar panels or batteries.

Various sculptures and tools have been invented, tested, improved, and world records broken in a move towards this collective vision developed by the Aerocene global community of artists, geographers, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, explorers, balloonists, technologists and enthusiasts.

In a world of tumultuous geopolitical relations, Aerocene communicates a message of simplicity, reminding us that the air -as “suprastate”- belongs to everyone and should not depend on any type of sovereignty. It imagines a new infrastructure, which challenges and redefines a supranational right to mobility, re-examining freedom of movement between countries and reversing the extractive approach humans have developed toward the planet. This could be achieved by encouraging a bottom-up, participatory approach to policy making about the air, and through the activity of international community-building carried out by the Aerocene Foundation.


While fossil fuel enterprises attempt to colonize other planets, the very same interface between us, the Sun and the atmosphere – the air – continues to be compromised.

Carbon emissions fill the air, invisible radio waves develop in a hegemonic algorithm of finance, particulate matter floats inside our lungs.
Can you imagine how would breathing feel in a post fossil fuel economy, and what is our response-ability?

How do we challenge geopolitical borders in an age of climate inequality?


Aerocene emerged through Museo Aero Solar in 2007, a community practice forming through cooperation and the simple acts of reusing plastic bags. A flying museum, an aerosolar sculpture, and a container for and of collaborative endeavours, Museo Aero Solar continues to float around the Planet. Where will it land next?



using no other resources than the Sun


White Sands, New Mexico, 2015

On November 8th 2015, the D-O AEC lifted up 7 passengers without any propane, hovering for about 2 hours & 55 minutes achieving two world records.


a kit that can teach you how to float

The Aerocene Backpack is your personal tool for solar-powered atmospheric exploration: a tethered-flight starter kit that offers a new way to sense the environment.

The Backpack is designed to engage participants in thinking-through-making activity, stimulating imagination and creativity, and imparts information about solar balloon flight, thermodynamic physics, meteorological science, and art practices.

The Aerosolar sculpture enclosed in the portable backpack is everything you need to float and start sensing the skies using the heat from the Sun, and floating without burning fossil fuels, helium, and other rare gases.

 The kit-to-float allows participants to draw signatures in, of and with the air, declaring independence from carbon emissions.


The Aerocene Backpack is currently being tested and developed by a passionate global community of artists, geographers, philosophers, thinkers, speculative scientists, explorers, balloonists, and technologists, and other enthusiasts.

Have you floated with the Backpack? Share your experience with us! Write to info@aerocene.org.


See how people launch, hack and experiment with Aerocene sculptures!

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Aerocene at OpenCOP 2021

In late 2021, the Aerocene community was invited to take part of OpenCOP, a unique co-created virtual conference that facilitated

La Isla de La Paternal

On Sunday Septermber 27th, members of the Buenos Aires Aerocene Community gathered for an aero solar flight at “La Isla de La Paternal”. “La Isla”, or the island, is one of the Buenos Aires city most important green spaces: a green lung surrounded by the neighborhoods of La Paternal, Villa Ortúzar and Angronomía, now at risk of an excluding real estate development.

Climate Strike Berlin 2021

The Aerocene Berlin community participated on the September 24th Climate Strike, carrying a fully inflated aerosolar sculpture that had been

Flying in Campo Imperatore

On September 19th, Aerocene participated with an aerosolar flight at Performartive 0.1, an international festival of performance, arte, dance, theatre and music organized by Maxxi L’Aquila.

Want to add your launch or innovation to this page? Let us know! Write to us at info@aerocene.org.


Up — Bronislaw Szerszynski

As society struggles to come to terms with the implications of antropogenic climate change, it is becoming increasingly clear that any adequate response will require

Community aerosolar flights around the planet