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Aerocene is an interdisciplinary artistic community that seeks to devise new modes of sensitivity, reactivating a common imaginary towards an ethical collaboration with the environment and the atmosphere, free from carbon emissions. As an ever growing research and experiemntal practice,

Aerocene is open-source and collaborative. It consists of a dedicated and diverse global community of practitioners who collaborate to promote and enact envitomental awareness and atmospheric sensing experiments, imagining new infrastructures of planetary mobility and ethics.

By collaboratively developing, testing and launching aerosolar sculptures, Aerocene seeks to open up the imagination towards an emergent cloudscape, un-tethering a new era of planetary attunement, restoring the thermodynamic balance of the Earth, free from borders, free from fossil fuels.


Aerocene emerged through Museo Aero Solar in 2007, a community practice forming through cooperation and the simple acts of reusing plastic bags. A flying museum, an aerosolar sculpture, and a container for and of collaborative endeavours, Museo Aero Solar continues to float around the Planet. Where will it land next?


a kit that can teach you how to float

The Aerocene Backpack is your personal tool for solar-powered atmospheric exploration: a tethered-flight starter kit that offers a new way to sense the environment.