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All flights and experiments

Aerocene Argentina – Tecat collaboration

On September 13th, in the context of the interUCA Olympiads, students from TECAT built, flew and inhabited an Aerocene solar balloon. For several hours, the students cut and stuck together recycled plastic bin bags in order to assemble a large solar balloon.

Aerocene Launch Münchenberg

Aerocene Launch Munchenberg 23.09.2017 A SAND QUARRY HAS EXACTLY THE SOUND OF THE ANTHROPOCENE Part 1. Aerocene Flight Two solar

Aerocene Argentina CCK

Aerocene Explorer Argentina Tata Inti – performance with eight aerocene explorer ARGENTINA 6-7 AUGUST 2017 8:55 a.m. The Aerocene Explorer

Aerocene Istanbul

On 1st of June our Aerocene friend Yelta Köm launched the Explorer in Istanbul shores with group of people from Architecture for All. Here you can find their Aerocene Log of the flight.