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Franja del Río – Rosario

In the framework of the inauguration of the artistic / cultural project Franja del Río, Aerocene arrived in Rosario, Argentina, to carry out Aerosolar flights and activities.

Notes from Palais de Tokyo

Notes from Palais de Tokyo: Looking Skywards with our Next Generation of Creators Reflections on the value of running Aerocene

Helenesse Free Flight

Free Flight Archimedes & Aerides Saturday August 4 What would breathing feel like in a post fossil fuel epoch, and

Aerocene at FabCity Summit

During July 2018, Aerocene community was invited along Tomás Saraceno to participate on Fab City Summit, at La Villette, Paris.

Inflamable has a voice

Inflamable has a voice Villa Inflamable, Dock Sud, Avellaneda 34°39’46.4″S 58°20’22.9”W Photo by Natalia Buceta LEER ESTE ARTÍCULO EN ESPAÑOL