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Marble breeze x Aerocene Workshop

Together with Aerocene, thr34d5 has invited 15 participants to a free experimental workshop from Nov. 19th to 25th 2018, in the context of Tomás Saraceno‘s Carte Blanche exhibition in Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

From open data de-encryption to measurement instrument making, the Marble Breeze reveals itself at its many scales and shapes.



On Saturday 27.10.2018, Aerocene community established a new worldwide record, 6 passengers were buoyant with the air for approx 80 min without using ANY propane, discerning itself from all other certified solar crafts in existence.  Together, Aerocene community achieved the acknowledgement for the first fully solar-powered human flight in history, and in France, 235 years after the Montgolfier brothers fossil fueled flight.


Free Flight at Schönfelde

Last Saturday, 9th of June 2018, two Aerocene sculptures were released in a free flight and later kindly tracked, found and retrieved by Polish radio-amateurs from Radiosondy Polska. At 9 am, over 40 Aerocene community members joined together to celebrate the launch of the book ‘Aerocene’.



On Sunday 8th of July 2018, Aerocene Foundation in collaboration with Sembrando Juntos Community Center, ACIJ and Blog Proyecto Riachuelo held a day of thought and reflection with Aerocene aerosolar balloon flights at Villa Inflamable. In addition to the residents of Inflamable, we were joined by a documentary team from Universidad 3 de Febrero and the community TV channel that covers the shanty towns of Buenos Aires, Urbana Te Ve.

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Esperance & Perth Explorer Flights

A duo of first ever Australian Aerocene Explorer flights took place in the last week of 2017 and the first week of 2018. The flight in Esperance was a true testament to the ability of the wind, with a strong onshore south-westerly typical to the area, the flight was equal parts battle and dance with the wind in an attempt to gain some lift from the sun and record some aerial footage of the beautiful coastal landscape.


Aerocene Explorer flies over the CCCB

Only one day before the closing of ‘After the End of the World’, an exhibition about the Earth of 2017 (irreversibly transformed into the Anthropocene planet after two centuries of human impact on natural systems) and how we will reach the world of the latter half of the 21st century.



Aerocene Explorer Performance and Interactive Display @ MIT, Killian Court and Memorial Lobby, April 20th and 21st

The sky was painted a crystal blue, and from all corners of MIT, people strolled out in shorts and sunglasses. Meanwhile, a gigantic black balloon was floating on Killian Lawn. Animated by what could only be described as an otherworldly force, the object writhed midair.



Dresden, German: March 5th 2018

Performers Renae Shadler and Maria Nurmela launched an Explorer Sculpture  on the courtyard of Hellerau Festival Theatre to get inspired for their research.The core of the ‘Susurrus’ project  is to encourage environmental awareness through  a sensual journey that encourages audiences to sense their embeddedness within the biosphere. 


Aerocene San Luis - Expedition Logbook

November 2nd 2017 - January 8th 2018

We share a sneak peak of our adventures in the province of Argentina, where we tried some air-water-air experiments with Aerosolar Sculptures and learnt from the atmosphere by attempting to launch the first ever solar free-flight balloon in Argentina.

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