Aerocene Free Flight

Schönefeld 24.07.2017

travel the world without wind,                    by becoming the wind.

Become lighter than air. That´s our dream, the utopia we are trying to unfold,

In a world made of boundaries, Aerocene  is working toward a demilitarization and decolonization of the sky, to build a community that will take to the air in the spirit of a new era, and raise a new awareness of the air we all breath. 

This is another attempt to float within the natural rhythms of the Earth and its atmosphere, by gently observing the ocean above us.


In the middle of a kindly sunny German summer, two experimental solar balloons have been tested by representatives of the Aerocene community and the team.

The weather was perfect for another invention: the inflating bicycle. A fan attached to the back wheel filled up the balloons with air, without using any electricity, and it gave us the possibility to watch the balloons becoming bigger and bigger in less than one hour.

Unfortunately, the prototypes were too heavy to fly away so, after a while they were there - looking at us like waiting for someone to help them lift - the team decided to change plans and fold them, to let them rest.


"Being balloon is to fly, certainly, but it is more so to float without much haste, perhaps just a little buoyant, maybe even just hovering above the ground, imperceptibly". 

Peter Adey


At that point, everybody focused on the black Aerocene Explorers, which were chosen to be our free travelers for that day. Equipped with cameras and GPS trackers, two connected balloons surfed the air above Schönefeld, crossing the ceiling of the clouds.


The Aerocene Explorers cruised the skies for more than 500 km: it was the longest flight in the history of Aerocene. They have been chased for two days and retrieved by our experts in Poland, next to the russian border.


"Aerocene is a project about friendship, about the relationship between air, universe, humans, sun, animals, plants, planets. It is a project showing how shared enthusiasm becomes the common ground to shared dreams. Where time becomes different, where energy and inspiration are endless resources.

I can only hope that this family will grow even bigger."

Tomás Saraceno