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Aerocene is a fully open project that relies on worldwide social action and interaction and aims to mobilise groups of individuals to find multiple concrete solutions for our common environment, now and here on Earth. Aerocene is related to Cloud Cities, imagining new ways of living in the sky. A speculative project by Tomás Saraceno.



Are you are interested in
exploring the ideas of Aerocene,
do you want to host a borrowing station?
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Guess The Journey

Guess the trajectory and landing of where the sculpture will go! The next launch will take place on 23rd September, Berlin, Germany, take part to win an upcoming prize. The map will be online soon.


Win a flight

Get lifted by the sun

So far only a few people have flown with aerosolar vehicles. Get lifted by the sun and feel the flow of the winds in one of the locations where we fly. Subscribe to take part.


Propose a payload

Make a suggestion of a payload, what we should bring on our next flight, that weighs up to 70g. Subscribe to take part. and join us on facebook.



Join the open source community, contribute to cleaning the planet, build your own, and up-cycle for inovation.