The Aerocene Explorer is revolutionising a common understanding of what it takes to become aerosolar and offering a new knowledge of what sustainable energy can achieve. Using open-source, Do-It-Together (DIT) techniques, Aerocene seeks to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.

The Aerocene Explorer is designed to engage participants in thinking-through-making activity, stimulate imagination and creativity, and impart information about solar balloon flight, thermodynamic physics, meteorological science, and art practices in a multidisciplinary way.

Additionally participants can ‘hack’ the devices pack, create their own lightweight sensors, and lift them up. Data collected with the Aerocene Explorer can be uploaded and shared with Aerocene’s open-source online community, via an interactive website that will encourage participants all over the world to share their experiments, photos and videos, comments, and innovations.



The Aerocene Explorer movie is a collective endeavor of experiences by many people all around the world that come together with 1-minute videos to challenge the Anthropocene and start building a new epoch, the Aerocene.